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AmiPodder, the other scripts and the website are written by Robert Williams. You can contact me via e-mail at:

A considerable amount of effort has gone into the creation of AmiPodder and my other projects. If you would like to make a donation to encourage me, please use the button above.

This site is created on the Amiga and compiled using HSC.

Main Window

AmiPodder main window

The main AmiPodder window shows your subscribed podcast feeds (channels). Episodes available in the selected channel are shown on the list right. The status of episodes and channels are shown using colourful icons.

File Management Pane

AmiPodder main window

Using the file management pane, introduced in AmiPodder 1.6, you can review podcast files on your computer and/or portable player and delete older ones or those you've listened to.

Edit Channel Window

AmiPodder edit channel window

In this window the name of the channel and its URL can be changed without losing your history of download episodes. If you only want to check a channel occasionally, it can be excluded from AmiPodder's automatic batch updates.

Edit Item Window

AmiPodder edit podcast window

In the edit podcast window you can see some additional information about the selected episode. This window is also used to change the status and edit the MIME type of the item.


AmiPodder has extensive preference options so you can configure it to your liking:

AmiPodder preferences window, download tab

AmiPodder preferences window, network tab

AmiPodder preferences window, bittorrent tab

AmiPodder preferences window, automation tab

AmiPodder preferences window, sync tab

AmiPodder preferences window, File Management tab

AmiPodder preferences window, play tab

AmiPodder preferences window, interface tab