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AmiPodder, the other scripts and the website are written by Robert Williams. You can contact me via e-mail at:

A considerable amount of effort has gone into the creation of AmiPodder and my other projects. If you would like to make a donation to encourage me, please use the button above.

This site is created on the Amiga and compiled using HSC.

Podcast Directories

Use these web sites to search for new podcasts about topics that interest you:


Here are a few podcasts that I enjoy that you may want to try out. The podcast name is linked to its webpage. To subcribe to a podcast in AmiPodder, copy the "Feed" link to the clipboard (right click and select "Copy URL to clipboard" in IBrowse). Then in AmiPodder click in the "Podcast URL" box and paste in the link (RAmiga + V). Click on the "Add" button in the toolbar, a new channel called "Update channel to get name" appears in the channel list. Click this and then click "Update" to get the name of the channel and the list of podcasts available.

Amiga Related

If you know of any other Amiga related podcasts, let me know and I will add them to this list.


  • The Mac Cast (Feed) - News, hints and reviews for anyone interested in Apple and the Mac.
  • Podio Books - Free self-published audio books, sign up on the site to get a customised feed for any book.
  • The Verge of the Fringe (Feed) - A compelling story-telling podcast, note that this sometimes has adult content.
  • Story Salon On the Air (Feed) - Podcast from the monthly meetings of a Los Angeles-based story telling group. Each episode features a number of stories on a common theme told by their writers.
  • C64 Takeaway Show (Feed) - Original Commodore 64 SID music and remixes.
  • Top of the Pods (Feed) - A UK podcast with a comedy take on a different "top ten" each epidose.
  • Engadget Podcast (Feed) - Technology and gadet news and comment from one of the biggest technology blogs.