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AmiPodder, the other scripts and the website are written by Robert Williams. You can contact me via e-mail at:

A considerable amount of effort has gone into the creation of AmiPodder and my other projects. If you would like to make a donation to encourage me, please use the button above.

This site is created on the Amiga and compiled using HSC.


AmiPodder is freeware. Please download the latest version from the table below. The program is written in AREXX and has been tested and found to work on Amiga OS 3.x, Amiga OS 4 and MorphOS.

AmiPodder requires you to have MUI, rxMUI, and the NList and TheBar MUI custom classes installed on your system. For full details please check out the Installation section of the documentation (included in the archive and available on-line below).

Important: If you get an error when starting AmiPodder for the first time it normally means you don't have all the required libraries and MUI classes installed. Please check the documentation above, install the latest version of all the required packages and try again. If you still have problems, don't hesitate to contact me.

Don't forget to join the AmiPodder mailing list for support and to receive notifications of new versions.

16/09/2007 AmiPodder version 1.7 (AmiPodder.lha, 840KB)
ADDED: Support for podcast feeds and episode downloads that require authentication.
ADDED: Support for Amplifier as a player (requested by Jeff Kavelaars).
ADDED: French translation contributed by Eric Luczyszyn, German and Itallian translations have been updated.
CHANGE: Built-in HTTP sniffer now uses the filename suggested in the Content-disposition http header.
CHANGE: AmiPodder now specifies the filename WGet should use when downloading (suggested by Chris Young).
CHANGE: Now checks MUI and the required custom classes (MCCs) are installed.
Bug fixes
FIXED: missing localisation of Refresh button in File Management pane.
FIXED: Localisation changed so that adding new strings should not invalidate existing catalogs (suggested by Samir Hawamdeh).
FIXED: Fixed requirements checking which got broken in version 1.6.
FIXED: an error when the selection size display was enabled on MorphOS (reported by Jarle Eidet).
16/09/2007 AmiPodder 1.7 Documentation
You can read the AmiPodder documentation on-line. This documentation, in HTML format, is also included in the program archive.