Bugs, Limitiations & The Future

Known Bugs

The automatic update and download check functions are called more frequently than requested on MorphOS only. This appears to be a problem with the RMH.library timer functions on MorphOS, I have reported the problem to the author of the library. A work-around is to leave the automatic functions disabled in preferences.

If you think you have found a bug in AmiPodder please report it to the author.


Automatic Checks do not Internally Multi-task

Currently the GUI freezes while AmiPodder performs the automatic checks for new podcasts and downloads, the busy pointer should be displayed in these cases and status messages are displayed in the bar at the bottom of the window. I am investigating if it will be possible to improve this, one option may be to have automatic and manual modes, suggestions are welcome.

IBrowse Opens a "Save As" Requester for each Podcast you Download

This is a feature of IBrowse but it can be worked around. Start Ibrowse and choose "Settings" from the "Preferences" menu. In the Preferences window, double click on the "General" section and then click "MIME Types". Look for the MIME Type "audio/mpeg", if it doesn't already exist, add it. Give audio/mpeg the following settings: Extension "!mp3" (without the quotes, the excamation mark is important). Action, "Save to disk" Set the "Def. save dir" to the same as the temporary directory you selected in AmiPodder prefs and set the cycle gadget to "Use (no req)". Close the preferences window, choose "Preferences/Save settings" from the menus. IBrowse will now download all MP3 files to that directory without prompting you.

The Future

I have a few ideas for the future of AmiPodder, if there are features you would like to see added please get in touch at the address in the Author section.