About the Author

AmiPodder is written by Robert Williams.

You can find the latest version on the AmiPodder web site at:

If you would like to report a bug in AmiPodder, make a suggestion for a future version or contact me for any reason please send e-mail to:


AmiPodder would not have been possible without the work of:

Stephan Stunz, author of MUI.

and especially...
Alfonso "Alfie" Ranieri, author of rxMUI, rmh.library, rxsocket.library and rxasl.library all of which are used extensively by this program. Visit Alfie's web site for more information.

In particular the HTTP download code in AmiPodder is a modified version of his "http.rexx" example supplied with the rxsocket.library.

Thanks to Robert A. Sisk, a stalwart of the rxMUI mailing list, for his advice.

Thanks to Bernd Gollesch for his assistance with optimising my locale implementation.

Thanks to Chris Young for suggesting I incorporate support for his HTTP.handler into AmiPodder and for providing the rx3h.library to assist with the implementation.

Images and Icons

The AmiPodder program and drawer icons, toolbar icons and status images were all created specially for the program by Ken "Ken's Icons" Lester Jr. Thanks very much to Ken for providing them!

You can download Ken's icons for Workbench and other programs from OS 4 Depot.


AmiPodder has been translated into the following languages, thanks to the translators for their work and for helping me with the localisation.


Special thanks go to my small team of Alpha and Beta testers for all their help, bug reports and suggestions:

If you would be interested in testing future versions of AmiPodder before release, please contact me, with a brief description of the computer you would use for testing, at the e-mail address above.


Thanks to everyone who has tried AmiPodder and particularly those people who e-mailed me with encouragement and/or suggestions. I have also had a couple of donations via the PayPal button on my web site which were greatly appreciated. If you use AmiPodder I would really appreciate an e-mail just so I know it is being used.