How To

Note: Before you begin to use AmiPodder it is a good idea to ensure it is configured correctly for your system, please see the Configuration section for more details.

The aim of this section is to describe how to perform common podcast-related tasks in AmiPodder. For a complete description of the program's user interface please use the Reference and Configurationsections.


How to...

Subscribe to a Podcast

Enter or paste the URL of the podcast (called a channel in AmiPodder, also sometimes called a feed) into the "Podcast URL" text box and click the "Add" toolbar button. The information from the channel including its name and a list of podcasts is downloaded. After a few moments the name of the channel is updated and a list of the available podcasts is displayed in the "Items" list.

Check for new podcast episodes

Select a channel in the list and click "Update" below the "Channels" list, the channel is checked and any new podcasts are added to the "Items" list.


Click the "Update" button in the toolbar to check all the channels for new podcasts.

AmiPodder marks channels with new podcasts in bold, if you select the channel you will see that the new podcasts themselves are also highlighted.

Check for new podcasts and download them

Select "Download new items" from the "Update channels" sub menu of the "Project" menu. AmiPodder will check all your channels from for new podcasts and download any it finds.

Stop AmiPodder Checking a Channel Automatically

Some podcast channels are interesting occasionally, but you don't want every episode automatically downloaded and synced to your MP3 player. For channels like this AmiPodder offers the option to exclude the channel from automatic updates, this includes both the automatic timed update (configured in Prefs) and the "Update All" button in the main window.

To exclude a channel from automatic updates, select the channel in the "Channels" list and click "Edit". In the "Edit channel" window, uncheck the "Include this channel in bulk updates" option and click "Okay".

Remove a channel

Select the channel you wish to remove in the "Channels" list then click the "Remove" button. A warning requester is displayed asking you to confirm your action.

Note, once a channel has been deleted all its status information such as which podcasts have been downloaded is lost. If you have changed the order of the channels list since you started AmiPodder, any changes will be lost when you delete a channel and the list will revert to its original order. To avoid losing your order changes, quit AmiPodder and reload it before deleting a channel.

Download a Podcast

Select one or more podcasts in the "Items" list and click "Download". The download request is sent to the download manager you chose in preferences. The status of the item is changed to "Queued" so AmiPodder doesn't try to download it again. Note: AmiPodder will only download Podcasts where the status is "New" or "Queued".

Download a Podcast that uses Bittorrent

Certain podcast feeds use bittorrent for their downloads rather than hosting the podcast on a web server. You can tell if a feed uses bittorrent because each episode has "application/x-bittorrent" in the "Type" column. If you have specifed the location of the ctorrent program in prefs, AmiPodder can download podcasts via bittorrent in the normal way, either using the "Download" button or automatically when it comes across a new programme. Bittorrent downloads do not use the download utility you have specified, instead a text window will open showning the bittorrent download progress. You can cancel the download by selecting the window and pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard.

Play a Downloaded Podcast

Select the podcast you want to play in the "Items" list. The podcast status must be either "Downloaded" or "Synced". Click the "Play" button and AmiPodder will start playing the podcast in the player you have selected in prefs. If the player is not already running, it will be started for you. If you have moved or deleted the podcast file in the download directory, AmiPodder will inform you that it is unable to play the file.

Change the Status of a Podcast

AmiPodder will normally set the status field of a podcast automatically. However in some cases it may be useful to set the field manually. For example, if you have deleted a podcast and want to re-download it or you delete the file on your MP3 player and want to re-sync it.

To change the status of one of more podcasts, select them in the "Items" list and click "Status...". In the "Edit podcast" window select the new status you want using the cycle gadget and click "Okay".

Copy All Downloaded Podcasts to Your Portable Player

First connect your portable player to the Amiga and ensure it appears as a volume icon on Workbench.

Click on the "Sync" toolbar button, AmiPodder first checks to see if any "Queued" podcasts have completed downloading. It then copies any files with status "Downloaded" and which have not already been synced to the sync directory set in prefs. When the podcast has been copied, its status is set to "Synced" so AmiPodder doesn't try to copy it again (even if you later delete it from the portable device).

Copy Selected Podcasts to Your Portable Player

AmiPodder's toolbar "Sync" button copies all downloaded podcast episodes that have not previously been synced to your selected portable player. If your player has a limited capacity, you may prefer to pick and choose which episodes you sync.

To do this, select the channel which shows the episodes you want to sync. The "Downloaded" smart channel is particularly useful as this shows all the podcast episodes which are downloaded and therefore ready to be synced. Next select all the episodes you would like to sync in the list. You can click and drag or hold down shift while clicking to select multiple episodes. If you have your portable player connected, AmiPodder displays the amount of free space it has available in the status bar at the bottom of the window. The bar fills up to show you how much of the free space will be taken up by the episodes selected:

AmiPodder status bar when a number of episodes are selected.

If the selected episodes are too large, the bar will fill completely and the text becomes bold as shown below:

AmiPodder status bar when a the selected episodes will not fit on the player.

Automatically Check for new Podcasts

In the "Prefs" window tick the "check for channel updates..." check box and enter the number of minutes between each check. "Save" preferences, quit and restart AmiPodder for the automatic check to be initialised.

If you wish, AmiPodder can download new podcasts it finds during its automatic check. To enable this tick the "Download new podcasts automatically" option in prefs, this takes effect immediately.

Usually, channels only send data about a few of the most recent podcasts available. If you wish, AmiPodder can limit its display to only these recent podcasts this prevents the "Items" list from becoming cluttered with older podcasts you listened to ages ago. To do this tick the "Remove old items from items list" option. Items are removed from the "Items" list the next time, you select a channel and when you quit AmiPodder the information on those podcasts (such as their status) is permanently deleted. Please note that downloaded podcasts are not deleted by this process.

Automatically Check for Completed Downloads

In the "Prefs" window go to the
"Automation" tab, tick the "check for channel updates..." check box and enter the number of minutes between each check. "Save" preferences, quit and restart AmiPodder to initialise the automatic check.